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It was a truly spectacular year…

I was looking back to a few years ago when people were telling me to take a break and skip a year or two, refresh and regroup. All I could think about was getting to the 5th year and then maybe? Now, after our 6th Annual Birthday Bash to Cick Cancer, I am so happy I did not listen. As the song goes…I did it my way!!! To all of you who have been along for the ride, I humbly thank you, for without your support, we would not be planning the 7th Event. In 6 short years we have raised over $91,000 to aid cancer patients and their families in NH.

Once again, this year we beat last year’s donations. We will be presenting a check to Dana-Farber in Londonderry, NH for $13,055, AN ASTOUNDING INCREASE OF 25% OVER LAST YEAR. This will benefit the needs of their patients and families going through treatment there and allow us to continue our work!!!

Our fundraising efforts do not end here. With the holidays approaching, the need will continue to be great. There will always be those who are less fortunate. We will be collecting monetary donations throughout the year. Donations can be made through our web site www.cickcancer.org using your credit card or by mailing a check to the below listed address made out to the ‘Cick Cancer Foundation’. As always, because we are a 501c3, if your company has a matching fund program, please take a few minutes to apply, that could double your contribution.

Save the date… Next year’s date has been set, Saturday, October 17, 2020 at the Puritan Backroom Conference Center in Manchester, NH from 11am-4pm.

Now for a little housekeeping…

  • Our annual request for volunteers to help with our Mission continues. That includes fundraising but so much more. If your expertise is in applying/writing for grants, marketing, social media, advertising, software expertise in QuickBooks, excel, word or any other areas that would benefit us, we could use you!!! If you are interested, please reach out to me or any of my Board of Directors through our web site or call me directly… (603) 661-4757
  • If you would like to hear about the benefits of becoming a Sponsor, please call me. We can meet and discuss it.
  • Please help us get our Foundation’s work out to local businesses as well as your family, friends and places you do business with. For example, your favorite restaurant, professionals you deal with like doctors, lawyers, business owners. There are so many great stories of how someone heard about us through others and reached out to help.
  • Some of the small but powerful donations to aid recipients are gift cards at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and other places that we take for granted during our daily lives but are places some cannot afford due to lack of funds. These are some of the things we collect, as well as money, year-round to help.
  • We are excited to announce we are now set up with the “AmazonSmile Foundation”. Please, while doing your holiday shopping along with all your Amazon purchases, choose the “Cick Cancer Foundation” so we may benefit from this wonderful program.
  • Our Cick Cancer Canister program has been a huge success. It you find a local business, where you work or even in your home during holiday parties, please reach out to me. I can get you a canister to display. This program has been collecting pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and so much more to the tune of over $3,000 during the past few years. Any amount will help.
  • Please follow us on Facebook… “Russell’s Annual Birthday Bash to Cick Cancer” and “Cick Cancer Foundation” pages…and please share them as well.
  • Visit our web site www.cickcancer.org to see information on past and future events, our sponsors, and donate if you have the means.
  • We raise funds year-round, so we can help those in need. Remember, all monies collected stay right here in New Hampshire helping those in need.
  • We are currently working on more events for the springtime…stay tuned.

My wish for this upcoming new year is the same, for all of you to find, if you already haven’t, a passion to help others. There are so many worthwhile causes out there, spend a few moments, search them out and volunteer your time. Trust me, the rewards outweigh the time you put into it.

In closing, we are few, but I feel we have shown it can be done on any scale. Dream big for we can accomplish much when we do.

We are truly blessed.

May the upcoming holiday season bring you and yours health and happiness.

Russell D’Agostino-Dudka


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